Information Technology (IT) and Technical Project Management services by: Christopher V Kremer (CVK). Specializing in building infrastructure design, information technology and construction project management.(716) 580-4075

CVK Technical Services

Technical Design, Consulting, Support and Project Management Services by:
Christopher V Kremer (CVK).

Leveraging over 25 years of diversified knowledge and expertise in infrastructure design, information technology, management information systems, security, operations management and construction. CVK uses innovative proven techniques and advanced strategies to provide the best value added solutions for our clients. (more …)

CVK Remote Technical Support
Secure, reliable and firewall-friendly remote customer support.

CVK Technical offers customers remote support and management services for computer workstations and servers. *Note: You must be a customer of CVK Technical to receive Remote Technical Support. Call CVK Technical (716) 580-4075 to setup an account today.

Windows Remote Support Windows Remote Host MAC Remote Support MAC Remote Host

Project Portfolio
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CVK Technical offers design-build services for technology infrastructure projects. From communications closets to data centers.

CVK Technical designs systems to match your needs, budget, and project time-frame. Our enterprise-class solutions encompass new site builds as well as expansions or upgrades to existing facilities and cover the full range of power, security, environment, and management systems.


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CVK Technical designs and builds Data and Telecommunications cabling systems (also known as horizontal cabling systems).

Do not trust anyone with the design and installation of your communications cabling until you have determined that they are qualified to do the work correctly.

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CVK Technical Provides Web Site Hosting and Email Services for a low annual cost of $144 per year. We use the most secure and robust server operating system and the best hosting control panel in the industry.

The cPanel web site hosting control panel provides an extensive and intuitive administrative interface, as well as a logical layout filled with a plethora of other powerful and useful features. We also provide USA based, English-speaking sales and technical support representatives.

CVK Technical provides Website Design, Hosting and Marketing Services.

Get an affordable website built for your business. Whether you are looking for a custom website design or enhancing your existing site CVK Technical can help.

Do you have questions? Not familiar with all the technical lingo and need help? Just want to speak with someone about your project? Call CVK Technical (716) 580-4075 for a free consultation.

Tired of Malicious Software Hijacking your Windows PC?

Did you know that you have the option to migrate to another operating system or computer platform? CVK Technical can replace the Windows operating system on almost any PC with Ubuntu Linux. We can also migrate you to an apple computer and provide you with the support that you need to be successful during your transition.

Can’t live without Windows but want to secure your internet surfing and prevent the hijacking of your PC.  Using a virtual machine, it is possible to run Linux on your PC in a window and do all the risky internet surfing without causing harm to your PC. Call CVK Technical (716) 580-4075 for a Free Consultation about migrating to a new or virtual operating system.

CVK Technical provides service and support for Time Warner Cable Road Runner and Verizon FiOS and DSL.

CVK Technical can assist with placing a new order, upgrading your service, repair your service or add more computers or network devices to your existing service. CVK can configure and secure your network, firewall/router. CVK can also replace the FiOS battery backup when the battery is no longer holding a charge.

Sometimes dealing with a large company can be frustrating. If you find yourself in a situation where your internet service provider is unable to help you resolve the problem, call CVK Technical at (716) 580-4075 and we will help you resolve the issue. We receive many service calls from frustrated people that can’t get any satisfaction from the ISP’s. We solve these issues 100% of the time.



Internet terrorists, as I like to call them, are constantly coming up with new and clever ways to convince potential victims to click on harmful email messages and the links within the email so they can cause harm to your computer. They are able to send email using anyone’s email address listed by the sender. This means that once the terrorists have a name and an email address they can fool anyone. For example; they can send a message that appears to be from your friend or relative. This message will usually contain some sort of gibberish message and a link to a web site that has a malicious program that will infect your computer.

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Why Hire a Technical Consultant?

Everyone can benefit from having a technical consultant on their team. This is the information age, and everything we do today uses technology — phone systems, networking equipment, computer systems, servers, internet, email, door access systems and much more.


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   What is a qualified Technical Consultant?

   Technical consultants provide knowledge and expertise that may be missing from your current management team. This is normally because most small-to medium-sized businesses do not have permanent positions in place for someone with this skill set.  Here are a few things to look for when considering a technical consultant for your business:

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Why are strong passwords absolutely essential to keeping your computer, devices, data and online accounts safe?

I cannot stress enough the importance of using strong passwords.  As an IT security consultant, I constantly work with people and businesses who have been exploited by password crackers. In many cases it’s because of weak passwords. In other cases it’s because of fake programs asking for passwords or programs that hijacked the computer. Please be vigilant and on your guard constantly. If you ever suspect that you are being exploited or have been exploited, call in an expert to help you. CVK Technical Consulting provides these and many other value-added services.

Click Here to use the FREE CVK Technical – Password Analyzer to test or help create a strong password.

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Realistic Expectations For Using Email – The Most Common Problems With Email

Email is an extremely popular form of communication in both business and personal communications.  However, email is not always a reliable communication method, and this article will help you understand why.

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Have you reviewed your plans and specifications to see if they include your technical infrastructure?

Well you should, because its probably missing! What’s worse,  the costs related to the design and implementation of these systems is probably  missing from your construction budget.

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The Kyocera scan to folder feature stops working when migrating to windows server 2008 R2 64bit.
Kyocera error 1102

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Heartbleed test

NOTICE CVK Technical Servers or Websites Hosted by CVK Technical are not affected by this vulnerability.

Follow this link to the Heartbleed SSL vulnerability test site. Technical Info for Server Administroators: If you are using openssl version 0.9.x you are not affected.

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